Junrun Cold Chain has a wealth of product types including more than 500 products

July 17, 2022

Junrun has a wealth of product types, including more than 200 products, such as vertical freezing (refrigerating) display cabinets, horizontal freezing (refrigerating) display cabinets, air curtain cabinets, supermarket combined cabinets, ultra-low temperature refrigerator, and can provide customers with one-stop solutions. The company's core technical team has rich experience in product development and independent and efficient research and development and innovation ability, and can effectively provide specialized and customized product solutions. The sales and service team of the company has been deeply involved in the terminal market for a long time, and can fully understand and explore customer needs and quickly respond to market demands. The company has automatic fluorine-free production lines, industry-leading laboratories, advanced performance testing equipment and high-quality manufacturing team, and always provide products with excellent quality and performance for customers.

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